Selby Gardens

This exploration defines a journey from one key location to another within the Selby Botanical Gardens. I explored the use of the natural world as inspiration and a guide for harmonies in palette, shape and layout. This exploration was also a challenge in various aspect ratios and being able to leverage unifying design with balance between variety and consistency.


DesignIV_P02_01_pa_v03 3.jpeg
DesignIV_P02_01_pa_v03 4.jpeg
DesignIV_P02_01_pa_v03 5.jpeg
DesignIV_P02_01_pa_v03 6.jpeg
DesignIV_P02_01_pa_v03 13.jpeg
DesignIV_P02_01_pa_v03 16.jpeg
DesignIV_P02_01_pa_v03 19.jpeg